The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) has launched its e-Learning platform on February 1, 2018. This strategic decision aligns with EBI vision as a “knowledge hub.” Since EBI Executive Management has realized the importance of digital transformation, it has become a mandate to put its efforts into action to launch the e-learning platform at the beginning of 2018.

E-Learning is defined as an educational system to deliver learning or training programs to trainees at anytime and anywhere using interactive information and communication technologies such as the Internet, closed circuit television channels and computers. E-learning allows the trainee to actively interact with content, trainer/lecturer and colleagues simultaneously or asynchronously at the time, location and speed appropriate to the learner’s circumstances and abilities, and to manage all education learning activities and requirements electronically through the electronic systems. From this perspective, the Institute offers a number of interactive training programs that allow the trainee/learner to deal with this interactive training environment according to his time, geographical location, nature of his work and his professional work in various disciplines in the banking sector.

The Institute produces training programs that combine written and spoken text, live and cartoon videos. It is offering a complete package of technical solutions that allow banks and other clients to track the progress of trainees who are candidates for these programs. The team, in charge of e-learning production, pays attention to all the needs and nature of the trainee, whether they are auditory or visual, or kinesthetic in their production of programs. As for the availability of programs to customers, the Institute has the technical capabilities and technological infrastructure that enables it to launch programs and make them available to customers in such a way that they have easy access to those programs, registration and attendance, and can generate analytical reports on the performance of each trainee.

The Institute has an independent e-learning management system that allows distance learning and aims to facilitating the interaction between trainees and trainers. Its main advantages are ensuring the quality of the design, its efficiency, the multiplicity of information display methods, and the use of modern technology. It also ensures safe and effective interaction between the elements of the learning process, allowing the learner’s freedom to learn as desired and most importantly the ease of follow-up and good management of the learning process.

There are, of course, challenges to the application of e-learning, which vary according to different variables and circumstances, and with the understanding of the Institute of those challenges, the Executive Management of the Institute invested in qualifying the work team, through which it

can compete and set professional standards of this area. In that context, EBI exclusively possesses the quality of e-learning, the technological aspect of the software used in this advanced industry and Instructional Design, which is unique in its introduction to the most important and latest methodologies of interactive design. The Institute rises in this regard to the edge of industry, which makes it a unique leader in e-learning.

  1. Is there a unified prices of e-learning programs?


The prices vary and are related to the details of the bank’s request.


  1. What are the required steps to register?


  • After identifying the points specified above, the Training Department will send a technical and financial proposal regarding the required services
  • Once the bank accepts the offer, the training department should be informed of the approval
  • A registration form will be sent by the training department to register the trainees’ data to include:
    • The full name according to the national number
    • The complete national ID number
    • Valid email address
    • Phone number
    • Name of program(s) in which each trainee is required to register in


  1. Is the program price deducted from the annual contribution?


In principle, there is no objection to deducting the price of the program from the contribution, but this is done upon agreement with the bank in each case to make sure that there is no foreign component paid in foreign currency. Once the usernames and passwords are issued, the cost will be charged to the bank and the bill will be issued.


  1. What is the method of payment?


The Egyptian Banking Institute avails different ways of payment:

  • Bank transfer to any of its accounts
  • Bank cheque issued by a bank
  • Payment using credit cards at EBI Nasr City premises


  1. Is there a minimum and maximum number of trainees registered in the same time?


There is no minimum or maximum for the number of trainees, but there should be an agreement to a defined number per program. The bank should be precise in determining the number of trainees per program.


EX: if a bank wishes to train 1000 employees over one year, it is possible for the bank to request:

  • 1000 trainees at the same time for one year; a case in which the cost will be at its highest
  • 250 trainees every three months, the cost, then, will be average
  • 100 trainees monthly, then the cost will be at its lowest

In the three cases, the same objective will be met, which is training 1000 trainees over the duration of a year.

  1. Is there a specified duration to avail programs, or it is available all year long?


As the client wishes


  1. Does the trainee receive a certificate? If the answer is yes, please, specify the manner in which the certificate is delivered


When the trainee finishes the whole program, s/he receives completion of “Attendance” certificate at his/her email address. It is possible to send the certificate to a certain email address of the Training Department of the bank, pursuant to agreement.

If the bank wishes to administer a final exam for a certain program, it should be held at one of EBI, the bank premises or any other location, which is agreed upon by both parties, to verify the identity of the examiner and comply with the exam pass conditions.

  1. How to ensure that the trainee has completed the program?


There is the option of issuing a number of analytical reports through the backend management of the LMS that detail each student’s progress