EBI’s Alumni Network aims to connect #EBIalumni together to discuss specific industry affairs, network exchange ideas, build business relationships or pursue business mutual interests and above all be aware of the latest updates of EBI.

Designed to bring together EBI alumni to build and strengthen meaningful relationships, EBI’s Alumni Network will provide a networking opportunity and foster communication and knowledge sharing locally and regionally among its alumnus and experts through various training, knowledge sharing and social activities in line with EBI’s role to be the preferred partner for developing the human capital of the banking ecosystem in Egypt, and the lighthouse for banking sector development across strategic African and Arab countries, through mirroring the latest international banking trends.

Join EBI’s Alumni Network to:

  • Share your #EBIAlumni story: share news about your successful endeavors, career transitions, promotions, personal and community recognition
  • Take part in discussing latest news & developments in the banking sector and sharing opinion articles and dialogues on EBI’s online magazine, Al-Masrafeyoun
  • Engage with experts to gain exposure on the latest international practices in the global banking industry
  • Benefit from EBI’s variety of awareness activities and special training services
  • Pursue social activities to contribute to a sustainable society by delivering financial literacy awareness sessions, career advising to younger generations to ensure their career development and maintain a lifelong learning journey
  • Inspire the next generation of alumni and tell us your EBI story through EBI Talks

EBI’s Alumni community is going to stand out and grow with your participation! As an Alumni, join today to pass your knowledge and share your experience with hundreds of EBI Alumni and expand your connection by clicking here.

For further inquiries, email us at: alumni@ebi3.acs-egypt.com