EBI’s Digital Workforce Development Initiative aims to empower youth with the skills they need through a specialized training program in the fields of information technology and cybersecurity to meet labor market requirements. The training program will cover different specializations; starting with Java Programmer Track, to equip youth with innovative sets of digital skills and competencies. Offered in English Language, the program’s duration will range from three to four months depending on the specialization.

Who should join?

The program is mainly targeting:

  • Graduates from Faculty of Engineering (Department of Communications, Electronics, and Computers Science)
  • Graduates of faculties of computer science, information technology, and artificial intelligence
  • Graduates of faculties BIS or IS (Business Information Systems or Business Informatics)

Digital Workforce Development Initiative Phases

Selection Phase:

  • Applicants must complete all official papers and comply with the application conditions
  • Applicants who meet the criteria will enter a pre-assessment determined by EBI to be eligible for enrollment

Training phase:

  • Training on technical tracks
  • Develop personal skills and work environment skills
  • Sub projects
  • Graduation Project

Post-program phase:

  • The assessment process takes place regularly during the program including all skills acquired during training
  • Final exam (technical assessment according to content of the program)
  • Graduation project to be discussed and presented to a committee

Post-graduation Phase:

  • Enrolling graduates in EBI’s alumni network
  • Enrolling graduates in the initiative’s platform to follow up on performance & update their technical skills.

Start your Digital Workforce Development journey now!


For further inquiries, email us at : DWD@ebi3.acs-egypt.com