Branding: Creating and Managing your Corporate Brand

Course Overview 

Your brand must reflect the heart and soul of your product, and offer a promise that you can live up to. This course will get you started on the road to creating a perfect brand. The Program will cover the foundation of branding, including how to develop a visual identity from scratch. We will also give you some graphic design tips to help you communicate your expectations to a professional designer. The Program will focus on how to put your brand out there in the right way. We’ll also talk about how to keep your brand energized and alive with monitoring and evaluation tools.

Course Objectives

  • Define what a brand is (particularly a strong brand) and what branding is about
  • Identify your brand’s products, the features of those products, and their values
  • Explain how to help your employees live the brand by empowering them to be ambassadors & creating strong brand touchpoints
  • Illustrate how to monitor and evaluate your brand, and understand how to respond to the results.

Target Audience


Course Duration

8 hours

Training Modality


Assessment Strategy

60 % Cut of a score of total grades which is “100”

Course Language

Delivery is bilingual. The material is in English.

Module One: Defining Branding

  • What Are You All About?
  • Creating a Mission
  • Creating a Vision of the Future
  • Positioning Your Brand

Module Two: Develop Your Brand

  • Developing Your Style
  • Developing a Brand Name and Slogan
  • Creating a Visual Identity
  • Living Your Brand

Module Three: Connecting with Customers

  • Connecting with Customers
  • Launching Your Brand
  • Taking Your Brand’s Pulse

Module Four: Measure the Process

  • Performing a SWOT Analysis
  • Measuring Brand Health with a Balanced Scorecard
  • Middleton’s Brand Matrix
  • Interpreting Evaluation Results
  • Keeping the Brand Alive



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