EBI’s Digital Workforce Development Initiative aims to qualify and train the largest number of graduates of Egyptian universities from various faculties specialized in the field of information technology and systems to bridge the gap between academic education and the requirements of the current labor market, especially with regard to information technology and   sectors, through their attendance to a specialized training program at EBI premises.

The Digital Workforce Development Initiative is considered as a training and qualification opportunity. Distinguished people who have successfully passed the program might be contacted if there are opportunities for appointment commensurate with the bank’s needs in the various tracks that have been studied.

In collaboration with Banque Misr, EBI is proud to launch the first round of Digital Workforce Development Initiative. The training program will cover different specializations; starting with Java Programmer Track, to equip youth with innovative sets of digital skills and competencies. Offered in English Language, the program’s duration will range from three to four months depending on the specialization.

Who should join?

The program is mainly targeting:

  • Graduates from Faculty of Engineering (Department of Communications, Electronics, and Computers Science)
  • Graduates of faculties of computer science, information technology, and artificial intelligence 
  • Graduates of faculties BIS or IS (Business Information Systems or Business Informatics)

Duration & Training Methodology

  • Program duration will last from 3 to 4 months in the form of daily lectures that will be conducted in training classes.
  • After registration, the best cadres will be contacted according to their specialization and assessment, provided that they pass the submission requirements to be included in the assessment stage, during which they will be tested in: English language, Abilities, and a technical test.
  • After passing the assessment’s phase, candidates will be contacted to start the technical tracks’ training phase, then the training phase of developing the personal skills, then the last stage of preparing a graduation’s project and the final exam’s stage.

Digital Workforce Development Initiative Phases

Selection phase

  • Applicants must complete all official papers and comply with the application conditions
  • Applicants who meet the criteria will enter a pre-assessment determined by EBI to be eligible for enrollment

Training phase

  • Training on technical tracks
  • Develop personal skills and work environment skills
  • Subprojects
  • Graduation Project

Post-program phase

  • The assessment process takes place regularly during the program including all skills acquired during training
  • Final exam (technical assessment according to the content of the program)
  • Graduation project to be discussed and presented to a committee

Post-graduation Phase

  • Enrolling graduates in EBI’s alumni network
  • Enrolling graduates in the initiative’s platform to follow up on performance & update their technical skills

Terms and Conditions

  • The applicant must be Egyptian
  • National ID should be valid upon registration
  • Fresh graduates from public and private universities that are accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities from the faculties of engineering (Department of Communications, Electronics and Computers), faculties of computers, information technology, artificial intelligence, BIS or business informatics and other appropriate specializations to the nature of the desired field to study.
  • To have a cumulative grade point average of good or higher.
  • The applicant must be a graduate of the last 5 batches from 2019 to 2023.
  • For males, the applicant must have performed the military service or obtaining an exemption or postponement.
  • Be fluent in reading and writing English.
  • The applicant should not have previously conducted any exams at Banque Misr
  • No consanguinity up to the third degree.
  • Full time for a period of not less than three to four months (during the specified period of training)
  • Candidates must pass the assessment, which will be done after the submission.
  • For generic & technical inquiries, send an email to: dwd@ebi3.acs-egypt.com