Find a Way to Say “Yes”

Course Overview 

This course combines the best in corporate training with the best in personal motivation. Throughout the program call center agents discover that it’s truly up to them to make a difference and that each call center agent is directly responsible for the success of the business. The program focuses not only on the people but also on the skills set agents need to connect better with customers and provide an exceptional customer experience. Agents learn that by empathizing, taking ownership of customer’s issues, and using customer centric strategies to solve business challenges they will create customer loyalty and build customer centric bridges.

Course Objectives

  • Illustrate the professional call center agent mind set
  • Explain the professional call center agent skill set
  • Discuss how to know your caller’s personality style

Target Audience

All Staff

Course Duration

8 hours

Training Modality


Assessment Strategy

60 % Cut of a score of total grades which is “100”

Course Language

Material in English / Delivery Bilingual

Module One: The Professional Call Center Agent Mind Set

  • Characteristics of high performing service providers
  • Logic and emotion

Module Two: The Professional Call Center Agent Skill Set

  • Are you an expert?
  • Active listening
  • Use the power of questions
  • Best practice telephone customer care techniques

Module Three: Know Your Caller’s Personality Style

  • Find out your personality style
  • Communicate Effectively with Personality Types




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