The Human Resources Practitioner Certificate

Certificate Overview 

After the success of the first round with the participation of various attendees from the Egyptian financial sector- we are pleased to announce the Second round of the certificate to start in November 2023.

Our intent is to provide participants with the needed knowledge to be successful HR professionals, manage human resources effectively, and be knowledgeable consumers of HRM products. HR Practitioners must be able to identify effective HRM practices to purchase these services from a consultant, to work with the HRM department, or to design and implement them personally.

Our Certificate emphasizes how HR Practitioners can more effectively manage human resources and highlights important issues in current HRM practice.

Human resource management is viewed as critical to the success of a business. And how the HRM function, as well as the management of human resources, can help companies gain a competitive advantage.

Hence, this certificate aims to provide participants with knowledge of all HR functions in relation to the latest techniques and best practices in the HR field.

Who should attend? 

HR professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience in HR field.

Training Modality 

In-Class at EBI Premises in Nasr City

Program Duration

218 hours

Starts 17th of November 2023

Registration Deadline

5th of November 2023


For further inquiries, call us on 15200

Sundays through Thursdays, from 9 am – 5 pm
or email us at